The principles of Einstein's relativity were applicable here. Playing for 50 minutes seemed like a lifetime for the older men yet playing for 50 minutes seemed like featuring in a 30 second TikTok skit for the zealous young men when the referee blew his whistle.

This was how the drama unfolded in game week 3.

Abakawu 2 vs 0 Basheya

Team Basheya was still in a honeymoon mood after shocking Abomutumba in the last game week. The cowboys received them with open hands. Rwezahura opened up the scoring with a long range shot after being set up by Diouf. Peter added more salt to this injury by consolidating the win with a well deserved goal after being set up by skipper Sam. Bahigi Primus matched away with Man of the Match accolades for repelling every attack instigated by basheya players.

Abukyariire 1 Vs 0 Abomutumba 

It was a clash of 2 different football philosophies.Tiki taka for the young Abomutumba boys and catenaccio for the older Abukyariire guys.The game was dominated by the Tiki taka boys of Abomutumba as Alba, Joseph, Nobert and Rogers were relentless in their search of ways to unlock the catenaccio drilled defense of Abukyariire marshaled by Man of the Match counsel Edgar Kakuru and MC Kizito. 

Kagaba floated a long ball, and Abukyariire's talisman Kakuru Austin brushed it with a sneaky header to break Abomutumba's hearts in the dying minutes of the game. Coach Kagame, a happy man at full time whistle, said that it was a win-win situation for Abomutumba and Abukyariire. Abomutumba went home with 95 percent possession and Abukyarire with 3 points.

Amahome 0 vs 1 Ntemi Chiefs 

Come, walk with me into Kanyanya's blessed abode.

To see the wondrous beauty, entertaining football has bestowed.

We'll bask in the surreal splendor that surrounds us. Listen to  the romance and telepathic relationship between the ball and laced boots of ntemi chiefs. It was such a grand opus of entertaining football. 

Midfield general Mukama Papa, the Xavi-esque conductor of this passing old team, set up Atuhaire Alex  for the winner as the oldest teams went head to head.

Basheya 1 vs 1 Amajojo

The old men took an early lead through Ndungu Nobert after Kwizera's assist. The young elephants huffed and puffed in search of an equalizer. Man of the Match, Joe Mukasa kept Basheya in the game making save after save.

Amojojo's Andrew Mugabi thought out of the box by assisting Nsamba in an extraordinary way for the equalizer at the death of the game. Wild celebrations were seen in Amajojo's camp and you could tell why.

They were a whisker away from the jaws of defeat.

Legends 2 vs 0 Abakawu

Abakawu's Sabiti Mr Gas must be a descendant of Shaolin soccer. His defending is a combination of taichi and a take no prisoners approach. What was on the mind of every Legends player in the first half was Man of Match,"Mr Gas abanze anyitte shi?". He won duels, made clearances and interceptions as he kept the Cowboys in the game. 

Legends settled in the second half after they regained their passing rhythm. With Itamba, Derrick, Edwin and Kansiime showing urgency getting more influence on the ball, you sensed danger for cowboys. It took a well executed team goal from Legends to break Abakawu's defence. 9 pass move straight from short stopper Bright. 

Through every Legends player, Derrick applied the finishing touch with all Abakawu's players static and ball watching. Derrick put the game beyond the cowboys' reach when he scored his second goal out of nothing.

Ababombo 1 Vs 4 Abezekyenda

Nicholas and Benjamin from Abezekyenda are the most thriving bromance and most lethal striking partnership in the Jovoc League. One scores and assists the other - no signs of selfishness as we observed last season.They continued to cause havoc in Ababombo's defense with dribbling, nutmegs, shots and pressing. 

Pius in Ababombo's goalposts didn't enjoy a happy return, as he conceded 4 goals - the most in a single match in the season so far. Daniel scored the earliest goal for the purple sharks. Nicholas, Benjamin and Alshaad joined him later on the score sheet. Tony scored a consolation for the pink boys but it was too little too late.

Entumwa 1 vs 1 Solutions

The most difficult teams to breakdown went ahead to head and it ended installment. Counsel Charles Bates was lively on the pitch not to give legal advice for Entumwa but to set up Derrick with a wonderful assist that ended entumwa's goal drought since the season started. 

The sides matched up each other  and none allowed the other to bully considering their physicality. One thing about Solutions is resilience - they never back down from a fight as a team. Sextus, who hadn't picked a ball from his nets, was stunned at the end by Bakiga's combination of v power. Bernard assisted Mugisha Kiga P to equalize for solutions.

Abanihizi 1 vs 0  Emanzi

Abanihizi have been a shadow of the strong team they were last season. There are times they have loomed in the relegation zone this season so vendetta was on top agenda for the trekkers. Rain was Man of the Match in the previous meeting where Emanzi ran out 3-0 winners because they failed to raise a complete team at kick off time. 

Pascal set up Sapi to give Abanihizi all the maximum points and stop Emanzi's momentum. Relief for Jeremy and his teammates at full time as they recorded their first win of the season

Abakuubwa 4 vs 0 Aboojo

The defending champions had not scored since the season started but they ran riot in this fixture. This however wouldn't be possible without a midfield master class from Elgio. He was relentless and never gave Aboojo's defense any water break. He created 2 and scored one. He cheated the ball and powerfully launched a shot outside the box. It was a beautiful screamer, one hit with perfection and Aboojo's keeper could not save it. 

Ivan finally hit the ground running when he scored a brace to open his account for the season. Hilary Mugume scored to add more salt to Aboojo's injury. Kwesiga and Prince, the architects of the other goals, ensured the defending champions marched away with their first win of the season.

Abanihizi 1 vs 2 Solutions

Andrey set up Ronald's opener to give Abanihizi a first half early lead. Fatigue and lapses in concentration from Abanihizi ensured Solutions would find their way to pick something from this game.

Mugisha Kiga P assisted Abaho Mark's equalizer. In added time, Agaba assisted Mugisha Kiga P's winning goal - a textbook header that broke the hearts of Abanihizi to complete solutions comeback .

Abaleni 1 vs 1 Enturi

This was an entertaining derby. Two title contenders went head to head. It was pass after pass, foul after foul, a game played at high intensity with no team holding back in terms of transition or defending. Raymond setup Oswald to give Enturi the lead. Jose Vet pegged Enturi back in second half with a well taken penalty to level the scores for Abaleni. 1-1 it ended

Ábakachai 2 vs 1 Nsiikye Saints

Ábakachai continued their resurgence by picking up maximum points against the Saints. Their short technically gifted skipper Ampa pulled off a Man of the Match performance. He was at the center of all beautiful passing moves. He scored from the Katumba assist and later set up Collins' goal to put Abakachai in the driving seat. 

Medard Nabaasa scored a consolation for saints.

Ntemi Chiefs 0 vs 2 Amajojo

The elephants were all over the chiefs from the word go. It's this urgency in search of their first win of the season that paid dividends. Roman scored from Gilbert's assist to give Amajojo an early lead. The Ntemi Chiefs never recovered from this setback. Peter Nimusiima wrapped up the points with a well taken goal, Mathias credited with the assist.

Abomutumba 4 vs 1 Ababombo

Abomutumba, Game Week 1 table leaders, bounced back from their back to back defeats by thumping the pink guys for dead. Victor set up Everest for the opening goal for Ababombo. The orange guys came firing up from all cylinders.

Ababombo paid the price for giving the boys a lot of influence on the ball and clear passing lanes. Nobert pulled off a Man of the Match performance by scoring a brace and laying on an assist for Abomutumba. Yiga and Banks joined him on the score sheet. 

Entumwa 2 vs 2 Enturi

The most entertaining match this season.

Enturi could not match the physicality of Entumwa so they bullied them with over possession of the ball.  Entumwa players tried to close them down but wore down as they tried to catch up with the short guys. 

The league's top assistant Coleb set up top scorer Mets who scored his fifth goal of the season to give Enturi the lead. Looking at Entumwa's coach Arch Emma's demeanor at halftime, you thought he would get a heart attack. Mets turned provider for Kakuru's goal to give Enturi a 2-0 lead.

Entumwa looked dead and buried but in the second, half they came out firing on all cylinders. Like the bright light that hit Saul on his way to Damascus, Enturi defenders had no escape route for Birungi's predatory instincts and finishing skills. Like a true Apostle, he executed the game plan of his coach Arch Emma with precision. The spectators had not subscribed to the late Birungi show! Balaam would have made a fortune if he had signed up Birungi to promote him.

A well taken volley from the center and a clinical hard shot in succession from Birungi sent Entumwa fans into ninth cloud and wild celebrations. He was the saviour who single handedly dragged his team from the jaws of an Enturi defeat and brought dejection upon the faces of Enturi players. Such was the implication of Birungi's brace that Enturi lost leadership of league table.

Amahoome 0 vs 1 Emanzi

The league's chatterbox Akifenwa Fox Alexander the Beast has turned into a prime fox in the box for the second fortnight in a row. James assisted his goal to give Emanzi maximum points against the whipping boys of the league. 

Whenever Fox scored at Jovoc, he would talk about his goal in night prep, morning prep, at break time, during lunch break, kadanke, VD, Cadates’ Vigor - until he scored another.

His teammates will have a long week.

Solutions 0 vs 2 Abezekyenda

Benjamin is a more improved player for the purple sharks this season, credit to coach Patrick Pioli. It was the Benja show and Solutions had no answer to his individual brilliance. His striking partner Nicholas set up his first goal and Demus set up his second. The implications of his goals were maximum points and propel the purple sharks at the top of the table.

Ábakachai 3 vs 0 Abanihizi

Ábakachai continued their 3 match winning run by beating the trekkers. Kateera, Joseph and Ampa with the assists, LeBron and Collins with the goals.

Other results

Legends 0 vs 0 Basheya.

Abukyariire 0 vs 0 Abakawu.

Abakuubwa 0 vs Nsiikye Saints.

Aboojo 0 vs 0 Abaleni.


See you on 18th Sept for next game week.