2005 - 2010

Nsikye Saints

Nsikye Saints, you get the correlation? Oh how the saints went marching! We are the GTV generation (God bless the soul of that company). Our parents will read this as well as our our little ones - so we won’t detail it. The Nsikye Saints cohort walked into St. Joseph's on January 27th, 2005, survived through the legendary UMEME load-shedding of 2006, the global recession of 2008 and ended their high school career in 2010. We derive our name from a very strong bond we had with the trading centre. Nsikye was and our redemption we sought there. Nsikye was the soul of our tenure at the school. In Nsikye, we found a bite we didn’t find at table, a meal passed mealtime, Big Brother Africa Shower Hour, European Champions League nights. It is safe to call it our Annex.

Technical staff

Mnara Prophilio

Coach, Manager

Osbert Twesigye

Assistant Manager

Urban Mugabe

Team Doctor

Oscar Tibigambwa

Some Guy