It was a consequence of how we have chosen to spend every fortnight of a month. We have not chosen to profoundly personalize it because we might miss out on opportunities to make our JOVOC brand strong, keep our bodies in good health shape, lift up others, catch up with lost friends, spend quality time with family and to build strategic business ties with JOVOC fraternity and the community around.

We are not too much in awe of those who have succeeded and neither are we far too dismissive of those who have failed but will eventually make it. The strength lies within us. The praying and hard work virtues in our motto have served as a guiding tool in propelling us to heights beyond our wildest imaginations in and after we left JOVOC.

It is no surprise, Kagwirawo Sports Bet came on board and gave a sponsorship package to Enturi which is  a sign of a bright future that lies ahead.

Game week 2 was all about testing character and resolve of teams.

Abomutumba the leaders with a perfect winning start. Enturi, Abaleni, Solutions, Nsiikye Saints, Abezekyenda and Ababombo are the chasing pack. Legends, Basheya, Abukyariire, Aboojo are dark horses in the race. Abakuubwa, a shadow of their invincible past. Amajojo, Ntemi Chiefs, Abanihizi looming in unfamiliar relegation spots.

This was how the football drama unfolded in Game Week 2.

Amajojo 0 vs Abakuubwa 0

Defending champions continued their slow start to the season by picking up a point against Amajojo. A slow start and failure to break down teams that set up in a low block has been the Achilles’ heel of the defending champions. 

Elgio Ndyabagye continued his marauding runs from midfield to support Ivan and Prince in attack but Amojojo's defense marshaled by Ragz and St Mark thwarted all their attacks. Derrick was on holiday in Abakubwa's goal because Nimusiima had no impact in the final third in absence of suspended Gilbert. An improved performance from Amajojo who had lost their 2 opening games.

Aboojo 0 vs 5 enturi

Enturi were fired up following their closed off sponsorship deal with Kagwirawo. I didn't know if the winning bonus was part of the deal. It was attack from the word go. The build up was fast, the intricate passing was a joy to watch, the pressing, aggression used to recover the ball was amazing for Enturi, a team I consider one of the title contenders. The old men of Aboojo had no solution to this game played at such a high tempo. Aboojo's Rat and Agasha were targeted by the wide men of Enturi. Coleb, Enturi's midfield general, a giant amongst Enturi guys orchestrated all attacks laying on 3 assists for Mets' brace and Oswald. Enturi defenders Aggrey and Arnold who spent most of the day camped in Aboojo's penalty box  completed the 5-0 thumping, with their goals assisted by Raymond and Adequate. The ref's final whistle was indeed a relief to Aboojo.

Abezekyenda 1 vs 1 Abakawu

Abezekyenda have been one of the entertaining teams to watch out this season. I don't know if Coach Patrick was spying on Stefano Pioli's training sessions.

This game seemed to be ending in a draw in the first half with both teams reluctant to attack each other. 

Hon Julius in goal was on holiday, well shielded by Diouf, Gasi, Martinez and Primus as Abezekyenda's Oscar, Nicolas and Benjie created half chances and Johnson pulled strings in midfield.

Abezekyenda relaxed in the second half, missing chance after chance, Hon Julius Walinga kept Abakawuu in the game by making save after save to deny Abezekyenda attackers. It was then that Primus launched in a long ball, knocked down by Thomas to Rwezahura Francis who dribbled past Demus and then launched a rocket of unstoppable shot with his right leg to give Abakawu the lead and massive celebrations were sparked off amongst Abakawu on the touchline. 

This joy was however short-lived. Abezekyenda coach Patrick Pioli made a wild card substitution, bringing on Albert, who later scored an equalizer after being set up by Nicholas to break the hearts of Abakawu and bail out his team from the jaws of defeat. 1-1 it ended.

Emanzi 1 vs 0 Abukyariire

Emanzi picked their first win courtesy of an early headed goal by one hit wonder Mr Chaos Factor, Fox  Alexander assisted by Aliganyira with a cheeky free kick, he hit with a trivela technique.

Missing suspended Kakuru in attack meant Abukyariire had no goal threat and when they resorted to high long balls, it worked in favor of Emanzi who camped in their keeper's box to protect their 1-0 lead. 1-0 it ended in favor of Emanzi.

Abahinizi 0 vs 0 Entumwa

Two teams that let go of their goal poachers Remy and Hillary Bocker respectively in the transfer market continued to suffer from goal drought. They matched each other, defended well, created scoring chances  but none would convert them. Allan, Linus, Dennis looked lively in the final third for Entumwa but Jeremy and Franswa put in a shift to keep a clean sheet  and save a point for Abahinizi.

Abaleni 3 vs 0 Ntemi Chiefs.

Jose Vet, Abaleni's skipper reminds me of Riquelme. He is a midfield maestro ,a great dribbler, a great passer with a calm composure on the ball and don't be fooled by his baby face he is an assassin when he shoots. When he is on song, Abaleni are unplayable. Ntemi Chiefs had no trick up their sleeves to stop him and they paid the heavy price. His performance was breathtaking, scintillating and exhilarating as he scored and assisted goals for comfort and Eddie. The sheer unbridled joy of abaleni's tiki taka football laid bare for Kanyanya to watch and admire. It was the Jose Vet show and 3-0 it ended in favor of Abaleni.

Abomutumba 0 vs 1 Basheya 

The table leaders Abomutumba promised to blow away any team that stood in their way in the league's WhatsApp banter. On paper, this was a sure win for the young debutants against the old guys.

Surprisingly it turned out to be a baptism of fire for the table leaders, Eddie Jack, a loan signing from Abakuubwa, a prolific photographer off the field yet turned out to be the orchestrator of the wonderful assist on the field that was finished off by Ziiwa Rimond to break Abomutumba's hearts. Whether the goal was a steal or show of steel, it was both wonderfully executed by Basheya's game's plan. Basheya held onto their 1-0  lead to end Abomutumba's perfect winning and unbeaten start.

Ntemi Chiefs 2 vs 2 Ababombo

Ababombo without Pius in goal was suspect. The chiefs had earlier lost their first game but came out attacking on all blocks. It was midfield general Mukama dictating the tempo for Ntemi Chiefs who set up the oldest striker in the league Yesiga to give the chiefs the lead. However, it was short-lived, the villain last week Guma turned hero this week by launching a thunderous left shot into the left bottom corner of the goal to equalize for Ababombo, Victor with the assist. 

Ntemi's Musisi, pushed in a more advanced role, was a thorn in Ababombo's defense. He was sending Ababombo's Fred in defense for burgers everytime he received  the ball. The repertoire of dribbling skills from the old man meant Fred fled for his life from Ababombo's defense to join the big man Posiano Agaba in attack. Mukama set up Isaac again who gave Ntemi Chiefs the lead. The Ababombo bromance that is mimicking the Trent - Salah partnership came to the rescue as Arnold set up Possiano Agaba to deny the chiefs a win but a point for both teams. A thrilling 2-2 draw, the match ended.

Legends 0 vs 1 Abakachai

Legends continued their slow start of the season with a defeat from hands of their bitter rivals Abakachai. Abakachai, known for their intricate passing, were very aggressive without the ball. Ampa, Nesta, Deno, Bruce and Lambert the key suspects breaking up play and reducing Itamba, Kansiime, Buhire and Derrick's influence on the ball.

Legends usually concede goals from set pieces. It was a corner swung in by Lambert and met by a glancing text book header of LeBron, who had risen highest unmarked in legends penalty box. The tea boys held onto their first win of the season,1-0 it ended.

Nsiikye Saints 0 vs 1 Solutions

This turned out to be an entertaining match. Solutions known for their pragmatic catenaccio style and Saints known for their squad depth. Both teams created chances but missed them.

Nsiikye got a chance to take the lead after they were awarded a penalty, James Ssemitego, the villain, missed it. It later came back to haunt the saints. Deo the Creator and Mugisha Kiga P the scorer were in perfect harmony as one finished off the move started off by another. Solutions marched on with lion's share of the points, saints canonized with their first defeat of season. 1-0 it ended in favor of solutions.

Aboojo 0 vs 8 Abezekyenda

If Aboojo's keeper was a bank, he would be closed down. The savings he was offering were detrimental. Every shot on target was a goal. Abezekyenda ran riot thumping their elders for dead - without reply. This was not a bad day in office but a nightmare that involved being handed the heaviest defeat in their football history. 

Coach Patrick Pioli was in celebratory mood alleging all his players should feature in team of the week. Nicholas and Herbert both scored braces, Ambrose, Benjamin, Daniel and Raymond all scored to complete the thumping. Nicholas and Ambrose laid on a brace of assists. Benjamin, Daniel and Johnson too assisted in goal fest. The purple sharks matched on with a big 8-0 win against Aboojo who had to go back to the drawing board asap.

Enturi 3 vs 1 Nsiikye Saints

Enturi took an early lead with goal of  the season contender from right back Aggrey rifling in an unstoppable shot from the center that cannoned off from both posts before it crossed the goal line,assisted by Oswald. Nsiikye equalized through Medard who rose highest beyond the short defenders of Enturi to meet a corner kick executed by Mugume Tobias with a powerful textbook header. 

The essence of this equalizer was a declaration of war with Enturi. Enturi players started out-possessing , out-running and out-pressing Nsiikye players. Fatigue came into play for the Saints because they could not match the high tempo of Enturi players. Lapses in concentration led to Mets and Colleb scoring the second and third goals for Enturi assisted by Able and Mets. This win consolidated Enturi to the top of Jovoc League table matching into game week 3.

Abakuubwa 0 vs 0 Legends

This was one of the most awaited fixtures but the pattern of play was disrupted by heavy rain. In the end, it was characterized by sliding tackles, unsuccessful dribbles, interceptions, passes and clearances because the ball could not move clearly on flooded pitch and unwillingness of substitutes to play in rain by hiding in the Technical tent. 0 - 0 it ended.

Abaleni 0 vs 0 Amajojo

Another fixture whose phase of play was disrupted by heavy rain. In the end, it was characterized by sliding tackles, unsuccessful dribbles, interceptions, passes, clearances, because the ball could not move clearly on flooded pitch and unwillingness of substitutes to play in rain by hiding in the Technical tent. Abaleni would not impose their passing game on the elephants because of the nature of flooded pitch. 0 - 0 it ended.

How the table is looking this week

  1. Enturi took leadership of the table from Abomutumba with 10 points. Abezekyenda, Abaleni and Solutions follow in pursuit with 8, 8 and 7 points respectively.
  2. Amajojo climbed out of relegation zone with 2 draws.
  3. Abanihizi, Ntemi chiefs and Amahoome loom into relegation zone.

Postponed fixtures

The following fixtures were postponed due to heavy rain by the technical team.

  1. Abahinizi vs Solutions
  2. Entumwa vs Amahoome
  3. Abomutumba vs Ntemi Chiefs
  4. Ababombo vs Emanzi
  5. Abakawu vs Basheya
  6. Abukyarire vs Abakachai

See you on 11th September, 2022 for game week 3.