As games came fast and furious in Game Week 4, this was a chance to separate title contenders from title pretenders, relegation candidates from relegation activists.

This was how the drama unfolded in Game Week 4.


Entumwa 3 vs 0 Aboojo

Aboojo, missing the bulk of their mbarara based players continued to be the punching bags of the league. Christmas came early for Entumwa's Emmanuel Butuuro who scored a brace from Derrick and Roger assists. He later laid on an assist for Derrick. Sextus was seen seated comfortably on a sofa between the goal posts because he wasn't threatened by Aboojo's attackers. Entumwa, still unbeaten, picked their first win of the season from the old men.


Abaleni 2 vs 0 Nsiikye Saints

Abaleni declared in their Twitter banter before the match that this was  a training session. Such is the overconfidence and arrogance of their footballing ability. They didn't disappoint.

Abaleni took control of the match as they dominated midfield possession. Payet, Kimmich, Vet  dictated proceedings for Abaleni as Nsiikye players could not match their passing and pressing intensity. Comfort who is more of an Orthodox striker opened the scoring from Obadiah's assist. Edmund ,a live wire winger with pace and  a left silky foot was a thorn in Nsiikye's defense. He was skinning Mr versatile St Bwije in a makeshift  right back role every time he got the ball. Jose vet  later setup Edmund who put the game beyond saints' reach.


Abakuubwa 1 vs 1 Abahinizi

This was more of Russia invading Ukraine.Putin going head to head with Zelenskyy. The battle of tackling butchers. Defending champions Abakuubwa wanted to continue their resurgence but Abanihizi had other ideas. Abakuubwa's Stephen miscommunication with Derrick in goal led to him scoring an own goal to give Abanihizi the lead. Tackles started flying in from both sides which prompted the  referee to issue many yellow cards.

Ivan scored an equalizer at the death of the match to bail out Abakuubwa from the jaws of Abanihizi defeat, Hillary with the assist.


Basheya 0 vs 0 Abukyarire

Both teams did their homework well. Basheya  assigned 2 defenders to handle danger man Kakuru Austin. Abukyarire' s Katumba and Mc Kizito were on Basheya Richie opposer 's heels to deny him any influence on the ball in midfield.

Basheya's Shot stopper Joe Mukasa Ekinyabwoya was man of the match as he made save after save to deny many Abukyariire shots on target.


Emanzi 0 vs 1 Amajojo

 Everyone knows Amajojo always has a bad start then improves as games pile up. As they took giant steps towards the top 10, Emanzi couldn't stop their reggae. 

Gilbert scored the only  goal ,Andrew with the assist to give the elephants maximum points.


Abomutumba 0 vs 1 Abakawu

Abomutumba buoyed by Munyanya's sponsorship deal were all-over Abakawu. They had ago at the cowboys but they failed to convert their chances. Abakawu's Sam was dictating play in the cowboys' midfield and all it took was one lapse in concentration of Abomutumba defenders and one smart pass in the path of Peterson who finished expertly to give a smash and grab  win for the cowboys.


Legends 2 vs 2 Emanzi

One of the entertaining games of the game week,a tale of 2 different halves. On paper, Legends seemed to have an upper hand but matches were never won on paper. Emanzi 

Skipper Taremwa laid on assist for James to give the heroes the lead. Skipper Taremwa drilled home a penalty to give Emanzi a two goal lead in the first half. 

Tables turned in second half as legends grew up in the game with more composure on the ball. Emanzi decided to defend their win, too many crowded players and fox an isolated figure in legends penalty box. Credo setup Kansiime for legends first goal. The Sanga wizard returned the favor for the joint top scorer Derrick who scored a timely equalizer right at the death to earn legends a point.


Ábakachai 1 vs 1 Amajojo

Amajojo is Abakachai's bogey team.

They don't allow them to impose their passing style which is Abakachai's main weapon to blow away other teams.

Kateera scored for Abakachai and Nimusiima Peter scored for the elephants as they shared the spoils. The elephants sabotaged Abakachai's run to catch up with table leaders Abezekyenda.


Aboojo 0 vs 2 Solutions

Abaho Mark pulled off a midfield master class for solutions as Aboojo had no solution to halt another defeat. Albert and Mugisha Kiga P scored to give solutions maximum points and keep solutions' title dreams alive.


Amahoome 1 vs 2 Abakuubwa

Bottom placed Amahoome gave Abakuubwa a scare in the first half.

Tyson Mpairwe scored from a Tayebwa Allan assist to give Amahoome a dream start.

Prince reminds me of  Igwe in Nollywood movies. He gave a Grammys award performance worthy of his title in the second half. His well taken brace in the second half was enough to complete the defending champions' comeback.


Ábakachai 3 vs 1 Amahoome

This went as it was scripted. Ábakachai blew away Amahoome with tiki taka, Lambert at the helm of it. His one two passing interplay with Cedric caused Amahoome  all sorts of problems.

Cedric scored a brace and Lambert added another to give Abakachai maximum points. Wibroad Ariho pulled one goal for bottom placed Amahoome.


Ababombo 0 vs 2 Abakawu

Ababombo were in poor form coming into this  fixture and the cowboys were ready to have them for a buffet of points.Abakawu 

Skipper Sam rolled back the years with another midfield masterclass alongside Rwezahura. Rweza assisted Sam and Joseph 's goals to condemn Ababombo to another defeat.


Legends 2 vs 0 Ntemi Chiefs

Two teams with the same philosophy of possession football went head to head. Age, tempo and urgency were the decisive factors.

Legends came on top, Derrick and Buhire Edwin with the goals.


Solutions 0 vs 1 Enturi

Solutions drowned Enturi's title hopes last season. We wondered if lightning would strike twice. Two title contenders gave each other a run for their money.

In the end, Mets converted the penalty that gave Enturi all the  maximum points in a match that had ball to hand and handball controversy written all over it .


Abezekyenda 3 vs 0  Abomutumba

Inconsistency is what previous table leaders have , consistency is what current table leaders Abezekyenda have. Abezekyenda made light work of the youngest cohort Abomutumba in the Jovoc League. Danger man Oscar scored a brace and Bonny scored a beautiful goal to spur Abezekyenda to another victory.


Abanihizi 3 vs 2 Abaleni

Abaleni had a prerogative of a sure win against Abanihizi. Matches are never won on paper and Abanihizi had a surprise ace up their sleeves for abaleni. Tactically abaleni instigated their downfall by not playing their first choice goalie Warren in the goal. The Abanihizi's Gilbert Josephat partnership reminded of Mboma and Mbami tearing apart Zimbabwe in 2004 Afcon edition. The height, physicality and aggressiveness of these two was too much to contain for Abaleni's defense.

Gilbert gave Abanihizi the lead, Josephat with a final hand in the goal. Jose vet set a teasing ball in the box, Payet met it with a textbook header to equalize for Abaleni. Josephat scored a quick fire brace after Abaleni pushed for a winning goal, Gilbert assisting both his goals to put the game at 3-1 and out of reach for Abaleni. Edmund pulled one goal for Abaleni after Payet's brilliant interplay. Final whistle was a relief for Jeremy and his defensive partners as they had to repel an onslaught of Abaleni forwards Edmund, Vet and comfort.


Entumwa 0 vs 0 Amahoome

The three games took the steam out of Entumwa players. Bottom placed Amahoome adopted the safety first approach which paid dividends. A point stopped their 5 game beaten run and their goalkeeper Kabanda was key in this match. Kabanda and Sextus all matched away with clean sheets.


Abukyarire 0 vs 0 Ntemi Chiefs

Abukyarire dominated the Ntemi Chiefs from the word go but couldn't find a way past Ntemi's goalie Guma Gilbert. Kakuru missed chance after chance .

When he doesn't score, the lemon green army has no alternative source of goals. Ntemi were happy with a point as they camped in their own half.

The game ended in a 0-0 stalemate


Entumwa 0 vs 0 Nsiikye Saints

Entumwa 's front three of Derrick, Emmanuel and Birungi huffed and puffed but they couldn't find a way past an organized Nsiikye defense. 

Outstanding defensive performances from Davis, Technical head Bwije, Munari and Victor to deny Entumwa attackers a sight on their goal.

Nsiikye had a chance to win the game but Remy wasn't clinical.


Basheya 2 vs 0 Ababombo

It was Basheya's Richie opposite show and no Mubombo stood up to oppose his influence on the ball.

Ababombo paid the price as Richie's silky left foot weaved magic and wrecked chaos in midfield and against their defenders. Richie scored a wonderful free kick to give Basheya the lead and then set up Ziiwa Raymond to compound more misery for Ababombo.


Enturi 0 vs 1 Abezekyenda

The most anticipated match between second placed and first place. It was scintillating football from the 2 sides. It was cagey too because no side wanted to be beaten.

Johnson set up Benjamin's goal to give Abezekyenda maximum points. Tensions flared as Abezekyenda's Bonny tackled Enturi's Mets off the pitch as he tried to pick the ball. Referee sent off both players as we had a mini scuffle of a buffet at Kanyanya between 2 sets of players.

Disciplinary chairman and legend's adopted son Kikune might have thrown away the keys to his office as he went into sabbatical since last season. He will be forced to retrieve them and swing into action this season.


Ababombo 1 vs 0 Emanzi

Guma Isaac setup Nkabura Hubbert for the only goal of the game. Joyful faces on Ababombo players at full time after enduring a bad day in office against abakawu and Basheya.

See you on October 2 for our next outing.