He is the new cult hero after scoring a winner against legends a fortnight ago and it's with his consistency that explains why Abezekyenda have had a change of fortunes this season, sitting in top 2 currently with 8 points. I sat down with our football star for a brief interview.

Full names: Nyesiga Nicholas

Jovoc nickname: Anelka

Date of birth: 8/03/1994

Place of birth: Bunutsya 

Year at jovoc: 2008

Jovoc League team: Abezekyenda FC

Jersey no: 7

Position: Forward or midfielder.

Jovoc League seasons featured in: 2

Strong foot: Right foot.

Best attributes as player: Pace, dribbler.

Weaknesses as a player: Not good at defending.

Targets as player this season: Being the MVP of the year/season. 

Target for your class this season: Vollinger champions.

Total goals you have scored in seasons you featured: 7 goals in total; 4 goals last season and 3 goals this season.

Toughest opponent  in the JOVOC League: Martin, Abakaawu FC

Best team mate: Jr Ambrose.

Hobbies besides football: Swimming, watching iconic ballers like Nicholas Anelka, Gauch,  Neymar.

Football role model: Anelka Nicholas

Motivation quote: "Set up yourself to always be the best."