The warm reception of Abakawu or an escape route made by Enturi. Sunday and Thursdays were gazetted Jovoc days for Abomutumba. Someone scored and it rained for 4 hours, A.P7 a legend amongst Legends. Some cool guys are no longer friendly on the football arena which frustrates their philosophy, Basheya. Others are defying odds with win after win after win, Nsiikye Saints. Others are defiant to carry the goal scoring burden from Kakuru and Timo, Abukyariire. Josephat has suffered the same with Abanihizi. The once feared invincibles are mortal from defeat these days, Abakuubwa. They take one gallant stride back and forward like Amajojo. Coach ArchEmma may need Eicumu rya Ruhanga to spark renaissance for Entumwa. Kanyanya is not turning out to be a bed of roses for the pink guys of Ababombo but bombo, a barracks would not be either. Ali is in church praying on Sunday but Jovoc guys have no mercy preying on Emanzi for points. On paper, they would be the de facto leaders on ground but yet teams are looting points from Ntemi Chiefs. If football losses do not kill you, they mentally make you stronger so let’s all bask in Amahoome. We were also feared at our prime but after all we are all old Aboojo. That is the state of the Jovoc League table and this is how the drama unfolded.

Legends 1 vs 1 Abaleni

Early kick off of two teams that have had an inconsistent season. Abaleni seemed to have an upper hand having edged this fixture last season. Officer Mugisha, Jose Vet, Kimmich, Edmund and Wasswa Pogba showing their intentions from the word go and Credo, Diru and Kafish were busy men weathering the storm with clearances and interceptions to try to keep them at bay. With Abaleni suffocating the Legends midfield with their quality on the ball meant fewer chances for legends attackers Baino and Kansiime.  

Jose Vet still found a pass for Obadiah who opened the scoring to give Abaleni the lead. A shaky defence has been Abaleni's Achilles' heel. A strong shot from Legend's Itamba was stopped by an arm of Abaleni defender and ref pointed to the penalty spot. Baino stepped up, coolly converted to equalise for Legends. The Legends held on for a draw and the chair matched away with man of the match accolade for putting in a shift.

Emanzi 0 vs 4 Abomutumba

On paper heroes should have munched on the matooke boys but they did not know what hit them. Rogers ended his goal drought frm #gwk1 by opening the scoring. Pint sized striker Yiga scored a brace. Capt Alba completed the rout with a long range shot having created all the 3 goals to cap off a colourful performance. Taremwa, Fox and his fellow heroes relieved the men after the final whistle.

Abezekyenda 0 vs 0 Basheya

3 teams have halted the purple sharks but they never thought Basheya would be amongst them. The table leaders thought it’s the routine sure win but they bit what they could not chew. Basheya adopted the pragmatic frustrate, you will not swear in with a Berlin Wall of goal keeper Joe Mukasa, Tego, Gilbert and David and since they did not want to score, Kwizera and Ziwa Raymond dropped in midfield to frustrate Abezekyenda attackers with well timed one off counter attacks to surprise Abezekyenda.

Benjamin was the most frustrated one as he did not have the freedom to shoot and score as he always does. Nicholas and Albert had chances to score but Joe denied them. The game turned into a fiery encounter with every hard tackle and decision as each side wanted the ref to swing it in their way. It ended in a stallment as the lead at top was cut to 5 points.

Ntemi Chiefs 0 vs 0 Abakawu

The two old teams went easy on each other and the result was a draw. Both teams had opportunities to finish off the other but none took their chances. Mukama coming close for Ntemi and liverwire Peterson coming close for Abakawu.Both keepers were on holiday and abakawu missing the attacking threat of rweza.

Abukyariire 1 vs 0 Abakuubwa

Timothy scored the all important goal after he was set up by mandev Mc Taurus Ryan. A game of tough tackling between Elgio and Katumba on asserting who is Commander in chief in midfield. It was a cagey game of few clear cut chances. It was a smash and grab win for Abukyarire reminiscent of Abakuubwa's win in season 1.

Nsiikye Saints 2 vs 0 Aboojo

It was joy for pint sized strikers as James laid on assists for both his strikers' goals. Murari gave Saints the lead and Remy wrapped up the points by rounding off Reagan in goal to score. Aboojo posed no threat as Mugume dictated proceedings in midfield, Guma was seated on a sofa couch in his goal. Bwijje demanded for a Vollinger but the win cemented their top table status. Beer and pork ribs were in trouble after this development.

Solutions 2 vs 0 Amahoome

Kiga P was unstoppable, unplayable and in a buoyant mood against Amahoome. The Solutions striker did all the damage in the first half. First, he dispossessed the ball off Amahoome midfielder who was dilly-dallying with the ball, drove into their defence and launched a thunderous shot to give Solutions the lead. Moments later, he was at the end of a crisp passing move between Ogez and Mark, Kiga P back heeling the ball powerfully into the net, with the keeper static, not expecting this from the striker's artillery.

Amahoome never recovered and Solutions matched on with maximum points.

Enturi 0 vs 0 Abanihizi

Mets returned from suspension and straight away went head to head with tallest striker of the league,josephat .Much  as Mets, Oswald threatened the trekkers defence ,they never found a way through and keeping the ball helped their cause because Pascal , Gilbert and josephat never had the chance to threaten Enturi’s defence.

Ábakachai 1 vs 0 Ababombo

The i and s in Sir Lambert are for invisible shadow boxing but that debate is for another day. Ábakachai had the lion's share of possession and seemed to be the more likely side to score. Lambert setup danger man Ampa for the all important goal and pushed the tea boys second in command on the league table.

Abakawu 1 vs 0 Emanzi

Emanzi had a man advantage after Afande diouf was sent off in the first half. They were wasteful in finishing off their chances and because their keeper was on holiday, he never anticipated the simple one two between Sami and Primus would end with a rocket outside the box into his goal. Primus gave the cowboys the lead. Emanzi went all out for an equaliser. Mark should have doubled their lead but the keeper blocked his shot.

Entumwa 1 vs 1 Amajojo

A game Amajojo dominated from the word go. Gilbert gave the elephants the lead, Roman assisted goal in the first half. Entumwa pushed for an equaliser but Ragz marshalled his defence well. Amajojo were credited with a penalty, Roman like his Argentine idol Riquelme opted for a panenka which was saved by Sextus. Moments later, a long ball launched into Amajojo’s box and Bazar headed into his own goal to give entumwa the equaliser.

Abomutumba 0 vs 0 Abakachai

Both teams did their title ambitions harm by playing out a draw. Yet a win would have moved them closer to the table leaders. Both keepers made saves to keep their teams in the game but their youthfulness and same philosophy of possession football may have played part in this result. Alba stood out for the matooke boys and Ampa stood out for the tea boys.

Abaleni 3 vs 0 Abukyariire

With Katumba shying away from this fixture, the gulf in class of Abaleni’s ball players was to shine uninterrupted. Emmanuel laid on Payet’s first goal, a thunderous low shot as Abukyariire players called for VAR intervention but the goal stood. The movement of Edmund, Jose Vet, Kimmich, Officer, Wasswa and comfort caused all sorts of problems for Abukyarire. However, they stood their ground and Abaleni resorted to long balls and shots from distance. It's from these, Jose Vet weighted a long ball for comfort to head into an empty net and Wasswa set up Payet who scored a second after Abukyariire defenders failed to close him down.

Legends 2 vs 0 Entumwa

This fixture always has controversy. Match officials given marching orders delayed kick off. Another was summoned  and kicked off. Both teams went out for a result but Legends had the cutting edge. Credo found himself in unfamiliar Entumwa territory and as he tried to shoot, the Entumwa defender handled the ball. Penalty it was, expertly converted by Baino. Kansiime later turned provider for Asingye's goal which consolidated the win however his goal led to much rain and no game proceeded after this.

Games postponed due to rain

  • Amajojo Vs Solutions
  • Ababombo Vs Abakuubwa
  • Abezekyenda Vs Nsiikye Saints
  • Aboojo Vs Abanihizi
  • Ntemi Vs Basheya 
  • Enturi Vs Amahoome

See you on 30th Oct  for Game Week 7.